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Hi, my name is Mike,

At MikeAdv, I am a digital designer (ACP) Adobe Certified Professional, and  Unsplash contributor based in Boston, MA. I have been an Adobe user since 1999, skilled in retouching, branding, and web development, I am capable of creating different kinds of graphics and wireframes for websites and apps. Therefore, I consider myself a link between the attractive design and detailed, user-friendly web development.

My concept design consistently arises from analyzing customer needs to achieve "out of the box" goals. At MikeAdv, I always want to leave my clients with something unique and exciting.

After collaborating with many graphic design agencies as a senior designer, I finally achieved my goal. That was to improve my role and to become Art Director of M.A Food & Beverage Marketing Promotion, consulting adverting agency. Here, I created vectorial assets for the best companies involved in the Italian food industry. This includes supermarket chains restaurants and manufactures.

Thanks to my experience with typography and photography in 2020, I have been involved in realizing the last issue of the Bostonian magazine "Scene Magazine." This is where I met the Executive Producer of Style Boston Tv who I still work with, as a digital content creator.

Currently, along with MikeAdv, I am the creative director and partner designer for the Boston Video Production Company, Sound and Vision Media. I take care of  graphic design,  photo shooting, retouching, uploading, and creating new "killer content" for social media campaigns. I also specialize in SEO, editing, and website development.

Please take a look at my portfolio, and don't forget to share! If you have any questions, call us at (781)284-9707. I hope to hear from you soon!

Years in Graphic Design
Years in UI/UX Design
Logo Design example for CF Loufir

Logo Design

From Sketch to vector design, your logo is behind the corner. Step up with your project! It will be awesome.

Example of Times Square Advertisements


“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Believe in your self let everybody in the world know who you are and what you do.

Symposium website home page

Corporate website

e commerice graphic designer in boston


Compositing done showing man falling towards tropical islands

Compositing Service

An example of FitSpace custom apparel

Custom apparel

Older Woman Retouching example


Graphic design / Video editing

After Effects
Premiere Pro

Website Development Services


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Based on 22 reviews.
Srgio Cantillo
Srgio Cantillo
He is just the best teacher you could ask for, he really pushes you and gets the best results, it's amazing what you are able to do when the teacher knows his job, and knows how to guide you, it takes a pro to make a pro.
Joey Oliveri
Joey Oliveri
Mike's work is outstanding. I've been able to watch him for a little while now and he doesn't settle for anything less than the best. Every project is unique and exciting. There is something different with every project and it seems like limitations just don't exist for him whether it be for compositing, web design, you name it. I have been trying to learn new techniques and become better at what I do, and he is outstanding teacher. He seems to always know what to do and every time I talk to him I feel like I am learning something. Highly recommend him.
Kevin Bowers
Kevin Bowers
Mike's work is the definition of the word Excellence. He truly cares about not only the project at hand, but the client as well. Mike goes the extra mile to make the project special and unique and brings a strong creative flair to everything he does. From graphic design to compositing to website development and so much more, Mike does it all! Highly Recommend!
massimo angelone
massimo angelone
I know Mike very well we have been working together in Italy for 3 years. He is very competent both as a web designer and as a graphic designer. I wish him all the successes he deserves. I advise all communication agencies to take this into high consideration.
K Stuebe
K Stuebe
Mike’s portfolio is sterling and his design taste is unparalleled.
Kevin Wong
Kevin Wong
My friend recommended me Mike to help design me a logo for my brand. The quality was fantastic and everything was professionally done.
Massimo Greco
Massimo Greco
Great ideas and top notch quality. Recommended
Piervittorio Salicante
Piervittorio Salicante
Very professional and skilled. Dedicated to his work and creative,able to give great advices and ideas.
Charles Vitale
Charles Vitale
As a video producer/creative director, I am blown away by the creativity and artistry that MikeAdv has initiated and developed for dozens of our clients' projects. His style is both unique and very 2020s. 😉 We are looking forward to working with him on future video graphics assignments.
Tom James Miller
Tom James Miller
Even though NY has tons of great agencies Mike's website knocked me out therefore I called him up to get this fantastic logo and some precious graphics for my social media pages. He knows exactly how to accomplish your needs. Outstanding!
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci
"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."
Coco Chanel
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs
"Design brings content into focus; design makes function visible."
Jennifer Morla
“Design is thinking made visual”
Saul Bass