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Compositing graphic designer in boston

Composite images lets you combine multiple layers of images to create a stunning result. Compositing turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. It enhances the aesthetic quality of your visuals to make them unique. At MIKEADV, we can work magic with colors, shapes, texture, and lines to deliver the most amazing visuals you will ever see.

Every business or brand needs compositing because it helps you represent your business in a good light. It draws attention to your brand and increases traffic. A professionally created composition can enhance your professionality. And if you want to grow your business across borders, you have to make some stunning appearances. Let us help you achieve more than you can ever imagine with our compositing skills.

Our compositing services

We can make composite images for many purposes, including:

Top-notch photography

In the world of photography, if you can get the balance right and the position on-point, you can take a clear shot at any image. Photography is an art that can make the most mundane things extraordinary, no doubt. What is really extraordinary is the art of compositing. With a professionally made composition, you can convert your photography to top-notch performance. If you have some amazing pictures you want to upgrade to compositions, you can contact us to do the magic. 

Interior decor

One way to add sophistication to your interior decor is to hang some amazing pieces of art on your wall. A piece of art on your wall can make the whole difference between a dull wall and an aesthetically appealing one. That look of luxury and sophistication is only achievable with high-class photography. Having a composite picture hanging on your wall is another way to add style and beauty to your space. 

If you use our compositing services, we will work with you on the right colors to use, the appropriate image size, and even the individual picture for the composition. Composite images hanging on your living room wall are more magical when they are in harmony with everything else, like your furniture and curtain. Let us create this unique look for your living room, your bedroom, and even your office space. 


Putting an advert out there is not enough to guarantee the expected traffic. People see ads every day but only the extraordinary ones catch their attention enough for them to take action. Before you put out your next ads, contact us to make it magical with our compositing skills. 


Your website is the face of your business so you have to ensure it is inviting and welcoming. Composite images can uplift your website from a boring sight to an amazing view. We can enhance your website’s aesthetic appeal with composition images. When viewers visit your website, they will not want to leave in a hurry because they like what they see. 

We create composite images that will aptly convey your intended information and message to your visitors. Your website design should be done to highlight your business and educate and entertain your target market.

Social media

The world of social media is competitive. Businesses thrive on Instagram when they consistently post eye-catching content. Aside from the writeups your followers have to read, professional composite images are also important to them. 

If you want to keep your followers loyal and invite new ones, let us create high aesthetic images with our composition skills for you. We are experts in creating content for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.


Your products will attract your desired audience if they are well packaged. The images on your product show people what to expect from the products. Using high-quality composite images on products is an essential marketing skill that has never failed to yield results. 

Let us increase your sales and place your products on high shelves with quality compositing for packaging. 

Gifts for loved ones

Do you want to give your loved ones a piece of artwork? Or do you want to frame their pictures? Why not let us add magic to the picture? We can blend the actual image with other images to create something unique to the receiver. 

At MikeAdv, we can create amazing scenarios that will match anyone, whether they are students, parents, doctors, or otherwise. We can focus composite images on specific occupations, locations, etc. We can make that surprise gift truly a surprise with a touch of compositing expertise.

Graphic design

We are good with graphic design at any level. If you want to take your graphics to a higher level with Composite images, we are the best fit. 

Video production

We can improve the visual quality of your video with our compositing skills. We can make stunning improvements to your videos with our expertise.

Why work with MIKEADV

Many designers are out there who boast of making composite images. But when it comes to MIKEADV, our works are unforgettable. There are many reasons why we are the best designers for your compositing needs:

  • We have results to show. For all our services we have results to show. Our impressive portfolio speaks to our expertise. 
  • We have experience. We have been in the design industry for years and have garnered an impressive reputation over time. Over the years we have worked on different tasks and this has built our expertise.
  • Keeping our customers happy is always our #1 priority. We have worked with many people over the years and we have a track record of customer satisfaction.
  • We guarantee value for your money. With MIKEADV, you can never waste your money. Our works are top-notch and we deliver on time. We guarantee you a smooth experience with us.
  • We work with you. Whatever your designs are, we can make them happen. Come to us with your ideas and we will transform them into realities.

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