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Photo Retouching is Photograph are taken to capture that perfect moment. But we are humans and sometimes, imperfections could pop up. One way to create a more pleasing photograph is by retouching. 

Photo retouching means the editing of photos to ensure that the photo is perfect by the removal of all removable imperfections. The imperfections in a photo may include color tone, light intensity, saturation and so much more. In digital photography, this often involves the use of editing software to create such beautiful and perfect images.

Now, do you need professional Photograph Retouching? Let’s go through it and see that you need Photo Retouching Services.

Why do you need Photo Retouching Services?

These days, every photo goes through a form of edit or touch-up to make it appealing. After taking the photographs, the photographer goes to work on them to remove elements that come in as imperfections in the image. For whatever you need your photograph for, you need a photograph retouch to enhance your photographs for 

  • Social media posts
  • Magazine cover pages
  • Marketing and advertising papers
  • Engagement and Weddings

How do photographers retouch photos?

Although there is other software, retouching is commonly done using software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. Depending on the discretion of the photographer and your needs, there are different levels of photograph retouching you could get. 

A Basic Retouch

This type of retouching costs much less and only removes elements that do not normally appear with the person. Here, the photographer simply works to remove blemishes, remove or soften shadows or light corrections on small spaces. Color, tone saturation, vignetting, and contrasts are easily done in the basic retouch.

If there is stray hair on the face, the basic retouch can cover that easily. Here, acne can be removed but not moles that are normal parts of the face.

Advanced Photo retouching 

More advanced retouching takes up more time because closer attention is paid to details. Images used on magazines often go through advanced retouching to give that spotless look. Usually, this covers the sharpening of images, removal of unwanted images or backgrounds.

Skin brightening and teeth whitening are also done here. In advanced retouching, it is also possible to change the clothes, hair, and eye color. Notwithstanding, these are usually done with consent from the client.

Get the best photography retouching from MIKEADV

MIKEADV is a dedicated organization and we put passion into what we do, and that is graphic design. Handling any and every graphic design project we have and rising to the challenge to meet up to the request of our clients. 

Mike has over 20 years of experience in graphic design and 8 years in UI/UX design. He is a certified Adobe Certified Associate and an Unsplash contributor that has worked on several projects. We are very professional and we handle all graphics design that relates to photos. We offer photography retouching services for all your needs.

Our services

We are your one-stop shop for everything needed for your business. Our services are tailored to suit your specific needs, especially as concerns building your brand. What we do includes:

Who needs Professional Photo Retouching?

Everyone needs a retouch of their photograph before posting them. We use photos for some things and they have to be of the best quality as photos can say a lot about you, your event, and your brand. 

At MIKEADV, we offer photo retouching services to brands, bloggers and influencers, PR and marketing agencies that need to stand out. You need the best images for your flyers, handbills, and brochures. We know how much your image means to you and we stop at nothing to give you an exceptionally good one. 

We are also available to work with event and conference managers that need a good well-touched photograph. Photographers that need to outsource their photography retouching services would also benefit from our professional photo retouching. 

Perhaps you are working on a magazine project, you need a well-touched photograph for your cover page, we have you covered. 

Why choose MIKEADV?

Photo retouching is an important part of getting your image perfect for the right purpose. To achieve this, you need a professional hand to get this done. MIKEADV will be perfect for you because;

Our years of experience

For over 20 years, we have had our hands deep in graphics design and everything to create the perfect impression for your brand. Over this time, we have created several impeccable memories and images that can be vouched for.


We are certified both in skill sets and the knowledge of tools for graphics and designs. Our certifications make us reputable and highly recommended. 

Knowledge of the right tools

Knowledge of the right tools is required to create the perfect image. A popular option used by many is Photoshop. But more than just knowing about these tools, MIKEADV is skilled in the right tools needed to create your perfect image.

Impressive reviews

Working for over 20 years, we have a long list of satisfied customers who have given us impressive reviews on the quality of the service we offer.

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Do you need a photographer for your wedding ? Do you have images you would love to be retouched? We can help you with that. 


What is the difference between Photo retouching and editing?

Photograph retouching is quite different from photo editing in that changes are made to adjust fine details of the image whereas, editing involves minimal correction to the whole picture. Retouching focuses on enhancing the overall beauty of the image.

How much does it cost to retouch a photo?

Prices may vary depending on the quality of the photograph, the level of retouching required and the number of images. Charges per hour could range from $85 to $120 or $5 to $50 per image depending on the level of retouching required.