Social media has enabled the exchange of ideas, opinions, messages, lifestyles, and interactions amongst persons and groups in a way that was impossible some 50 years ago. 

It has become the new and most accessible mode of communication and interactions. Social Media is widely impacting different modes of human relationships across diverse spaces and circles.  

At MIKEADV, we help businesses to leverage and exploit the benefits of social media in their marketing strategies. We also assist in the proper management of your social media accounts and presence.

In this article, we shall guide you through the numerous advantages of social media marketing and how it can help to boost your business conversion. 

Major social media platforms we can handle for you and what you need to know about them


Launched in 2004 and headquartered in Menlo Park, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, holding more than 2.5 billion active users. Facebook allows individuals and groups to create personal accounts, pages, share messages and updates with their added friends, get and give likes and advertise their products and services that can reach thousands of viewers, depending on the type of account they operate. Facebook allows elaborate messaging and updates, enables live broadcast as well as video updates. It also allows a free platform for your marketing and adverts, and you can equally take sponsored ads.

Facebook audience cuts across different demographics, thereby allowing you to get across to as many as possible.


Launched one year after Facebook in 2005, YouTube is specifically a video update, hosting, and viewing platform. It is headquartered in San Bruno, California, and comes second in the number of subscribers with 2 billion active monthly users. Like Facebook, YouTube has a strong userbase that cuts across different demographics, including adults. YouTube covers a wide array of features and opportunities such as do-it-yourself (DIY) guides, gaming, videos, education, and beauty. Video content is most suitable for YouTube. 


Launched in 2009 and headquartered in Menlo Park, WhatsApp has a monthly active user of 2 billion. It is a closed messaging application and is not quite used for brand marketing as are Facebook and YouTube. Nonetheless, WhatsApp offers a free messaging medium and has a higher opening rate of about 78% than emails with just 20%. It also offers a direct communication medium and allows direct and easy response from your customers.

WhatsApp equally offers marketers the opportunity to advertise their businesses on their status. This can be in the form of videos, pictures, or voice notes. The limitation, though, is that only your contacts get to view your adverts.


Instagram offers free videos and photos sharing apps where individuals and groups can get both the activities of their personal lives as well as businesses across their viewers. It has about 1.16 billion monthly active users. Instagram has shoppable posts which have increased return on investment on businesses since its launching in 2018. 

Statistically, between 18-24 years of demographic use Instagram. For businesses targeting demographic under 35, therefore, Instagram is advised.


Although one of the last to be launched, ticktock witnessed what could be termed the fastest growth within the social media circle, ranking within the first five in monthly active users within a few years of launching. 

Businesses targeting teenagers or generation Z will have huge exploits in TickTock. Short videos thrive on TickTock and this is really getting more audience into the application.


Snapchat has about 433 million active monthly users. For businesses targeting a very young demographic like 13 years, Snapchat is all you need. This age bracket spends upwards of 30 minutes per day on this application.


Twitter is a sort of micro-blogging social media platform where individuals and groups stay connected, sharing updates and messages with friends connections as well. 


LinkedIn is a platform mostly for professionals. It allows its account holders to share updates on their professional lives and achievements, as well as advertise and reach out to their connections on their skills and competencies which can be patronized or contracted by their connections.

Making a choice of your social media platforms

Choosing the right social media platforms, especially for your businesses and marketing can be very difficult and requires keen consideration of some major factors. For instance, before spending your time and money on ads:

  • You have to consider the current migration trend across the social media platforms and ask yourself, what platform holds the trending migration or patronage.
  • You need to consider the demographic of the users of your considered platform. For instance, the younger generation seems to be found more on Instagram, singles seem to be found more on tick-tock, professionals seem to be found more on LinkedIn, Facebook seems to cut across all age brackets and Twitter seems to be more official and political. These considerations will guide you as to where to take your ads and advertising to.
  • You must consider the nature of the goods or service you are marketing. Also consider the kind of advert you want to place. Videos and pictures will obviously be more suitable for Instagram and Facebook, while skill marketing will be most appropriate on LinkedIn.
  • You can decide to use about two or three platforms or even more, but you decide which of the platforms to double down on.

Why choose Mikeadv to handle your social media

The world virtually depends on social media for information, business transactions, marketing, communication, and brand development. Thus, if you have been looking to make the best out of your social media to grow your businesses and improve your communication and relationships presence, Mikeadv is your solution. At MIKEADV, we help you do the following:

  • Choosing right: At Mikeadv, we consider the kind of business and communication you run and prioritize the social media platforms that are most suitable for your business. At MIKEADV, we believe that choosing and prioritizing the right platforms for your business and relationships are the first and most important steps to maximizing the great opportunities that social media presents.
  • At MIKEADV, we take charge and responsibility for your business progress. We run your handles from account creation to its maintenance at an affordable and qualitative measure.
  • At MIKEADV, we value relationships and prioritize customer satisfaction. So, we help you not just to sell or market your products but focus on building and branding your relationships.
  • We help you maintain your existing customers and map out targets to reach out to multiple demographics, thereby standardizing your online presence. 
  • The large audience base social media grants businesses increase return on investment, ROI.
  • We value customers’ feedback and use that to guide your product branding and service quality. 
  • At Mikeadv we use your social media to cut down on your cost of adverts and other related marketing costs. 

Get in contact

Now, you must be desiring to have a social media presence to grow and maximize your business potential. Search no more, Mikeadv has got you covered. We are just a phone call away! You can also email, or simply fill our schedule an appointment form to meet us. You can also drop your message right here and be sure to have our response in the shortest possible time.