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Our Video editing services will put the polish on your already amazing videos. Whether you are interested in creating a regular video production or making videos for the promotion of your brands, you must edit them before you release it for public consumption.

You need a good video editor who will package the video for you and make it interesting for the viewers. Read on for more information about video editing. MIKEADV has teamed up with Sound and Vision Media to provide the best video production services in Boston, MA! Sound and Vision Media has 2 locations in the Boston area. One office for consultations in Downtown Boston and one in Revere, MA, where we have a little more room to create your perfect video.

What is video editing?

No interesting video is achieved when it has not been properly edited. It is the post-production effort of video shoots. In simpler terms, video editing involves rearranging, removing, subtracting, manipulating, and refining video clips to create a balanced and catchy video. Moreover, it involves the creation of transition flows between many video clips.

Reasons for Video Editing Services

There are many reasons for editing video, the same way there are different purposes for recording video. Nevertheless, a video’s anticipated outcome will determine why you need to edit a video. Highlighted below are some of the reasons you need to edit a video.

Remove unwanted parts of the video

This is the most obvious reason why people edit a video before it is released. In recording the video, it is likely that many flawed and unwanted footages have been recorded. Such flaws will be removed during the editing phase to have a balanced video. Proper transition is important so that you can capture the attention of the audience.

Create sequential transition of flow

You know the purpose while you are recording the video. At times it could be for telling a story or promoting a brand. Hence, editing is crucial for achieving the intended flow of the reason why the video was recorded. Editing the video will ensure that the video flows in such a way that the intended goal of recording the video will be achieved.

Selection of the best clips

In a situation where you have recorded more than one footage or clip, you need to edit the video so that you can select the best footage for the final video. In addition, when you record from different angles, editing the video will allow you to choose between the available options.

Add effect

This is one of the most interesting parts of video editing. This is where professional editors display their expertise in video editing. With the addition of filters, visual and audio effects, most video clips are refined and improved. The worst of video production could come out great when the right effects are added to it.

Give it a message

If you need a video to convey a particular message, agenda, or viewpoint, proper editing of such video by removing fluffs and tautology will allow the video to convey the intended message or agenda.

Change the style

With video editing techniques, you can alter the mood and style of a video. Proper use of such techniques can influence audience reaction to the video.

Tips for hiring a video editor

The availability of many editing tools online has increased the number of video editors. You can decide to hire a freelance video editor or hire the service of an established video editing agency. Your budget and preference would determine the option you will opt for. Nevertheless, there are some important things you should watch out for before you hire any video editor. Here is a list of a few tips you can follow before you hire a video editor.

Know your final production

This is the most important factor you should consider before you hire an editor. You should have a mental picture of your desired video; whether you want a fast-paced video transition, style, video or audio effects, etc. Knowing what you want with the video will assist you in choosing the right editor for your video.  

Watch samples of previous work

A good video editor should have more than enough samples of their previous works. You will have an insight into their editing style and expertise when you go through their works. You can also check if the available samples are similar to your anticipated final production. If an editor displays traits that are similar to what you want in your production, then such an editor should be able to do the work. Moreover, you should also go through a potential editor’s resume and pay attention to the special skills.

Ask questions

If you are unclear about anything in the video samples and resume, you should ask questions and make sure you are convinced before hiring such an editor. You can also go online to read available reviews about the editor.

Consider your budget

Before you finally settle for any editor, it is recommended that you ask for their quotation. A higher quotation doesn’t mean the editor will offer better service than an editor with a lower quotation. You should, however, consider the tips highlighted earlier.

Why choose Mikeadv

When editing a video, your story and the emotion of your audience is very important. That is why you need a professional to handle the editing phase of your video production. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why you should consider Mikeadv.

Our Video Editing Wervices

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