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Boston Video Productions Rebranding

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New Logo
New Prospective

“When Boston Video Productions needed a new and re-designed logo, they understood that a complete re-branding of the video production and marketing agency was required.

This is where resident creative genius and Adobe-certified brand specialist MikeADV came into the situation. “(Mark Helms)


The final product

What Mike ADV delivered was a great re-branding look to the Logo that was so good, that it was quickly noticed by Google who gave it very high marks. No one at Boston Video Productions was surprised, and we are all grateful for the new logo and branding performed by Mike ADV!”

(Mark Helms)

The Mission

Although Mike ADV knew that we were already well known with Boston videographers and the local Boston video production community, Mike still wanted a complete and more modernized look for the 37-year-old company.

Thanks to the new brand identity the award-winning production company Boston Video Productions is now known as BVP. 

A new fully responsive website

Boston Video Productions has been one of the top choices for creative television or internet commercials, training videos, branding and marketing video productions, nationally awarded documentaries, as well as corporate, medical and training videos.

Desktop and mobile friendly, the new Boston Video Productions website has been rebuilt completely from scratch.

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Boston Video Productions

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