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Secrets and tricks. Everyone talks about it!

I'll be honest with you: compositing got no alternate ways but certain rules. Lights, shadows, exposure, clarity, integration are the absolute most wonderful outstanding components for amazing compositing however they are unuseful without balance. Keep in mind "in medio stat virtus" do not overload your own project do not abuse of effects. Everything is gotta sound natural to your audience.

Don't rush!

Exactly take your time: even if photoshop is the tool we have to work with for selecting all the subjects to put together it is nothing without accurate references research.

For spot-on images, we need no just pictures but the right photos with the right lights and the right exposure as much as possible similar to each other for shadows and colors.

Adobe stock can help us to achieve our goals thanks to millions of selected photos from the best photographers in the world.


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Have a creative lifestyle


Personally , as a designer I need to refresh my ideas everyday, for that reason, I've decorated my living room with paintings and sculptures.

I signed in to a lot of websites to get inspiration
and I'm always updated with the last
technologies in design matter.


I hope you guys doing well and I want to thank
you for your time.

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