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Cyclope light bulbs

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Brand Identity Design for Cyclope light bulbs

The right light for your eyes.

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Project Roadmap


Logo design for a bulb lights company able to combine technology and science in order to make a new concept of bulb light.

Naming to identify the product in a modern way underlining a cyclic process which is the key to identify the luminescence of the light.



The company didn't give me any picture because the entire project was a prototype. For that reason, I used stock photos to create every single image in this project.


The goal of the company was reach a big amount of people using social media and creating viral contents. They stopped the project 'cause the covid19.

Naming: an important graphic designer task


As a pro member of many specialized design websites, exciting people with innovative projects sometimes reach out to me. When you talk to them rapidly, you realize they
got no idea what they are talking about. Having the technology, in many cases, doesn’t mean knowing how to advertise the product.
A good start has been represented by picking a cool name for this ambitious product. The naming is always the first step, and in many cases, companies involve me as a graphic designer to give them my suggestions. The successful name I chose for them has been “Cyclope.”
The origin of the name is linked with the Odyssey and the Polifemo. The monster created by Omero can see perfectly, even if with one eye. I loved this logo from the first moment I sketched it, but I wasn’t sure about inserting modern elements inside. After a brief survey on Facebook, I came up with a modern “smile emoji.”

Brand designer
12 Feb 2019
Photoshop / Illustrator

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