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Cyclope light bulbs

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Brand Identity Design for Cyclope light bulbs

The right light for your eyes.

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Project Roadmap


Logo design for a lighting company that merges technology and science to pioneer a new concept of light bulbs.

The Naming identifies the product in a modern way underlining a cyclic process, which is the key to identifying the light's luminescence.


The company didn't provide any pictures since the entire project was a prototype. Therefore, I utilized stock photos to create every image in this project.


The company aimed to reach a large audience through social media by creating viral content. However, they had to halt the project due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naming: an important graphic designer task

As a professional member of various specialized design websites, I often encounter individuals reaching out with exciting yet vague project ideas. Despite possessing the technological know-how, many lack a clear understanding of how to effectively market their product.

A crucial initial step in such cases is selecting a captivating name for the ambitious project. Often, companies enlist my expertise as a graphic designer to provide naming suggestions. One particularly successful name I proposed was ‘Cyclope.’

The inspiration behind this name harks back to the Odyssey and the character Polyphemus. In Homer’s epic, Polyphemus, a monstrous Cyclops with a single eye, possesses perfect vision. I found this mythological reference compelling.

When conceptualizing the logo, I initially hesitated to incorporate modern elements. However, after conducting a brief survey on Facebook, I decided to integrate a contemporary ‘smile emoji.’ The result was a logo that seamlessly blended classical inspiration with modern design.

Brand designer
12 Feb 2019
Photoshop / Illustrator

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