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Brand identity in motion.

After years of studying the limitations of human sight, I developed this logo by creating a unique, natural optical effect designed to surprise the audience. The goal of Fit Space is crystal clear: to reshape bodies. With this in mind, I designed a logo that subtly incorporates a wave, resembling a sort of broken curve.

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A rough sketch of "Fit Space" in pencil on a black desk with a ruler, keyboard, and a drawing tool.

How it's made

The logo is designed to appear as if it's moving on its own, blending highly geometric shapes with a modern mark that reveals an unexpected optical effect.

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We are born to fit perfectly with you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. The spot is yours for the taking. If you haven't felt comfortable elsewhere, come try us out. Our staff's kindness will spoil you, and you'll be amazed by our expansive area equipped with the best machines around. You'll enjoy coming back so much, you'll feel like the star you are!

Fitspace interior design hall detail
Fitspace interior design hall
Fitspace interior design

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Various pink and purple shapes are in the background with a t-shirt centered. It has "Fit Space" written on the bottom with its logo. The T-shirt has a man in a hat and a white tank in a dancing position with splashes of blue surrounding him.


Everyone should have one. Cool and awesome in one word: Fitspace.

Sign up today to get your uniform. Exciting news is coming up. Curious? Starting next summer, you'll be able to buy our t-shirts online.

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