Hummingbird Hotel

The Color

The Color

Business Card in the hand of a customer to impress the brand identity in mind.

MIKEADV developed a pencil sketch, figuring out the main lines, the curves and the dynamics and alignment for the Hummingbird Logo.

Finished brand logo representing the design of wing-spreading bird in blue and yellow colors. The writings show serif letters, stylish font and plain alignment. The color label displays the main tones of the design.

Comfort & Luxury


A pattern made with one color logo in yellow on blue background.
Brand usage on bright azure, that pops out the yellow complementary and the blue in tone hue.
Pencil sketch

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The logo can decorate the rooms, the suites and the walls of the Hotel, according to the elegant hues of the interior design.

At Hummingbird Hotel Hospitality mornings are an experience, with their breakfast that has become quite popular. Situated in the atmosphere of the hotel guests enjoy an adventure that excites the taste buds and rejuvenates the senses. Known for their use of sourced ingredients each dish is carefully prepared with creativity and attention to detail. Whether its fluffy pancakes topped with fruits or flavorful omelets every bite reflects their dedication to quality. The friendly staff ensure that each guests preferences are met, offering a touch that leaves a lasting impact. Whether you’re enjoying the breakfast. Trying one of their unique specialties breakfast at Hummingbird Hotel Hospitality promises a satisfying start, to your day setting the stage for relaxation and exploration ahead.


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