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Noà Perfume

Scent of woman!
Two images on a beige background. The one to the left has a parallelogram with the top image on a pearl background with rocks next to a gold perfume bottle with "noà" written on it in a darker shade of gold. The bottom image is of a woman in black and white leaning against a table with the image cut off at her eyes. In front of her are 3 stacked rocks with two different. "noà" bottles. The image on the right is another parallelogram that is black with a bunch of silver "N";s in the background with a small gold bottle with "noà" written in a darker shade of gold on it.

Style comes first.

Noà has a lettering logo with customized font. NOÀ wants to be New Original Amazing exactly as its acronym stands for in the biggest malls on the west coast. I designed the logo using vectors to stand out sharp as a knife on the super elegant packaging. The logo has also been used for commercials and corporate videos.

The Brief

Creating an elegant and modern brand identity for a new generation product

Black shape with woman with her arms on her shoulders with a black overlay. "Noà" is written in white vertically. A gold background to the right with a gold perfume bottle with "noà" written on it in a darker shade of gold.
A brunette woman with a bun and a black earring in black and white with "noà" written in gold with extended color to the edge of the page from the end of each letter.

The Advertising

Retrò Style.

The Commercial


Scents from another World.

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Noa Perfume Advertising


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