Example of retouching done on a woman's face

One of the top 5 skills for a new generation graphic designer.

Improving our image is something we are trying to reach out to every single day. Modern psychology and mass media are talking about an increased worldwide narcissistic phenomenon. This new “addiction” can be  absolutely a prominent job opportunity for graphic designers. First, you have to be very patient retouching requires a lot of hours, and you might be tired and discouraged before finishing your job. Secondly, you have to know anatomy, especially for face retouching. A great graphic designer also has a strong knowledge of light theory and precisely how to create realistic skin textures.

Level up!

Level up your photo book

professional retouching nothing extreme awesome results for cheap money.

Before professional retouching done on a man's face
After professional retouching of man's face
Before retouching done on a woman's portrait.
retouching graphic designer in boston

Impress me!

Would you like to get a tattooed body but u scared?

Making a long story short you can impress on your skin anything you want before deciding to be marked for life.

An example of retouching done to remove acne from a man's face

Still Life!

Let stand out your shooting.

Your customer products will be in good hands!

Let's get started.

Items Retouching Example
Breeze Classico 97
Starting from $75/hour

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