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Volterra Brand Identity Commercial
Brand designer
20 Jan 2019
15 Jul 2020

Can you re-design my old logo?

Redesigning something can touch the client’s feelings. The graphic designer needs to be very careful when has been called to “touch” a company history piece. The original logo was outstanding, entirely handcrafted a big plane with the claim “Volterra Get it Right get it now.” I remember I asked the owner why his request, and he answered me: this is necessary for the company’s evolution. I understood that I was about to start a long journey at that precise moment. I wasn’t wrong!. Today the logo looks gorgeous  V as Volterra designed by combining the back of a plane and half V letter. The claim is the same, and the brand identity is far from the original bright blu by showing a tremendous brilliant orange color.

Volterra Brand Identity Design

Volterra Travels

Have you ever thought to have an outstanding journey in a couple of the most famous places in the world at the same time? no? Time is up. Get your trip!

Get it right!

Two images on a beige background. The one to the left has a parallelogram with the top image on a pearl background with rocks next to a gold perfume bottle with "noà" written on it in a darker shade of gold. The bottom image is of a woman in black and white leaning against a table with the image cut off at her eyes. In front of her are 3 stacked rocks with two different. "noà" bottles. The image on the right is another parallelogram that is black with a bunch of silver "N";s in the background with a small gold bottle with "noà" written in a darker shade of gold on it.