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Venus Club

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A Classy Logo...

The Graphic design idea was born in Boston, chilling out with a cup of coffee and a sketchbook! New York was calling Boston for the third time, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I still remember how excited I was. I mean, I didn’t know yet who was about to talk to me regarding his dreamy logo request. I’m always with dreamers, and Tom was precisely one of them. To achieve the best result, I sketched the monogram, and only after I created a new font to write down “VENUS.” Sometimes graphic design can be a great challenge, and I won the competition! Venus has a stunning logo, and the brand identity has been designed by following the Venus Style. 

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Venus Club

An elegant and seductive environment for your spare time.

Get a drink and start dreaming.

Venus Club commercial spot design


Come to visit us to get your 75% off

Venus Club Xmas offer flyer design


Our exclusive card for you!

Follow the white rabbit.


Venus Club Bussines Card Design
Venus Club logo dark
Venus Club Decoration
Venus Club logo clear

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