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Rebranding for a Connecticut based Company

“Walsh Woodworks has been creating fine artisanal woodworking products for residential and commercial spaces since 2009…( https://www.walshwoodworks.com/)“. In the 2023 they call MIKEADV from Connecticut with the scope to change their brand identity for good . Here is what the owner Brendan Walsh said about the service MIKEADV was able to provide:

Mike and his team where the perfect solution for our marketing and branding update. They are very effective communicators and punctual with their creative strategies. We couldn’t be happier with our new branding and the price was beyond a great deal! What we experienced was a world class design service that took the time to understand our business and future goals. Thank you MIKEADV!!

Brendan Walsh

Walsh Woodworks Logo before and after MIKEADV
Walsh Woodworks Logo sketch MIKEADV
Walsh Woodworks pantone variations MIKEADV

Pantone and variations

Once approved the Walsh Woodworks Logo it was presented in to different colors

really close to two different types of wood: cherry and pine.

Branding is everything

Be recognizable out there it is the equivalent of having a billboard on the high way. T-shirts and Hats along with a new stationary are fundamental for creating a last impression in your potential clients.

Walsh Woodworks Logo cherry decal MIKEADV T-shirt custom
Walsh Woodworks Logo cherry MIKEADV

When the pictogram replaces the writing

Maybe no today but tomorrow you will see people recognize you just from your own pictogram especially if this one will be connected to a strong social media presence

Style comes first

When it comes to elegance darker colors are always better. Creating the right contrast can help clients to recall your name in easier way. 

Walsh Woodworks dark color MIKEADV


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