SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in digital marketing by helping websites and online content to be more visible and accessible to search engines, ultimately leading to increased organic (non-paid) traffic and better online visibility. SEO involves optimizing various elements of a website and its content.


Having a brand without advertise your service or product it might be a nonsense. Nobody can pay you if does not know you. MIKEADV can create original catchy content for your ads to keep glue your audience on you. Social media such as Instagram or Facebook are just a tools. Content makes the difference whether printed or digital.

Photo Retouching

Improving our image is something we are trying to reach out to every single day. Modern psychology and mass media are talking about an increased worldwide narcissistic phenomenon. This new "addiction" can be  absolutely a prominent job opportunity for graphic designers. First, you have to be very patient retouching requires a lot of hours, and you might be tired and discouraged before finishing your job. Secondly, you have to know anatomy, especially for face retouching. A great graphic designer also has a strong knowledge of light theory and precisely how to create realistic skin textures.

Website Development​

Corporate or E-commerce? What type of web user are you? Are you mobile-friendly? The majority of people google your name from mobile. More than 50% of websites today are not fast enough which means loose potential customers. Website Development is the process of actually building the website using programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend technologies. It involves turning the design into a functional, interactive website.


Once that you got designed your unique logo it is time to build your branding. Branding is the process you need to get your logo recognized as a big player, in other words the the only way to stand out. If you want people recognize you immediately your logo has to be everywhere. From your card to your uniform your brand's able to tell your business story. Go the extra mile, let MIKEADV take care of your brand identity by creating vector, original graphic assets. Step up!

Graphic Design

Are you looking for a company able to show your business and your products in perfect line with your style? Don't look around, your partner MIKEADV is ready to help you out with professional services by giving you the identity you deserve. Pro service by an Adobe Certified Designer. Made with love!

Logo Design

Let MIKEADV create your stunning logo today. More than 20 years of experience in logo design. Your logo is you, speaks for you, it's your image outside. Are you a dreamer? Do you believe in your business? If so you should be aware of that at MIKEADV we specialize in crafting sleek and impactful logos that represent your brand's essence and values. Let's get started now!

Social Media Design

Today everything is around social media. From the moment we get up everybody starts to watch stories posts videos. The reason is our smartphone is the new window on the world. Be part of it is necessary. Let MIKEADV create daily content for your Instagram in order to get more followers and reactions.


Compositing is the art of combine together two or more photo coming from different places with different lights shadows and exposure. Let MIKEADV guide you into the magic world of compositing. Take look at our samples. Eye to eye with a shark? On fire? Underwater? In another place? You can be anyone you want to be, everywhere you want to be. The sky is the limit!

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