Still Life

Stunning Photos for your next E-commerce

Still life photography of a Guess watch


Still life photography of a watch face

kenneth cole

Still life photography of the side view of Marciano sunglasses.


Still life photography of Guess sunglasses


Still life photography of a ring in a blue holder.

diamond ring

Still life photography of ring using side light source.


Extreme close up still life photography of a camera


Still life photography of a Blackmagic Camera

Black magic

Still Life at MikeAdv

Still life photography is some of the most elegant photography there is. Being able to capture the essence of a product and make it exciting through photography is not something that is easy to master, There is life in every product and it is all about finding how to capture that in an image. At MikeAdv, I strive to always find how to make that happen. Whether that is finding the right setting, the right camera angle, the correct lighting, or all of the above, being able to find the right mix is what I love.

If you need still life photography for your products, or for anything else, MikeAdv is right for you. Let me help give you something that you can be proud to show off. I will always do everythig in my power to make sure that my clients leave satisfied every time. If you would like to see more, check out my Unsplash page here, as well as the examples about. Contact me today to set up your next shoot! I hope to hear from you soon!


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