graphic designer for advertising in boston

Ads Design

You likely come across any form of advertisement every day; whether on social media, print outlets, TVs, billboards, and many more. These advertisements were designed to draw your attention and interest to a particular brand. Advertisement can determine the survival or the death of any business or brand. Therefore, getting it right with a good…

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Boston’s Premier Video Editing and Production

Our Video Editing services will put the polish on your already amazing videos. Whether you are interested in creating a regular video production or making videos for the promotion of your brands, you must edit them before you release it for public consumption. You need a good video editor who will package the video for…

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Compositing graphic designer in boston


Compositing lets you combine multiple layers of images to create a stunning result. Compositing turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. It enhances the aesthetic quality of your visuals to make them unique. At MIKEADV, we can work magic with colors, shapes, texture, and lines to deliver the most amazing visuals you will ever see. Every…

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Older Woman Retouching example


Photographs are taken to capture that perfect moment. But we are humans and sometimes, imperfections could pop up. One way to create a more pleasing photograph is by retouching.  Photograph retouching means the editing of photos to ensure that the photo is perfect by the removal of all removable imperfections. The imperfections in a photo…

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Nature photography, wild nature


The world of photography isn't all about placing a camera in front of the object to snap. It requires skillful positioning, balance, and art to transform everyday moments into high-quality photos. If you are new to photography or perhaps your images are dull and unappealing to viewers, then you may need to start looking for…

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Social media has enabled the exchange of ideas, opinions, messages, lifestyles, and interactions amongst persons and groups in a way that was impossible some 50 years ago.  It has become the new and most accessible mode of communication and interactions. Social Media is widely impacting different modes of human relationships across diverse spaces and circles.  …

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Volterra Brand Identity Design


Graphic design is a craft that, if professionally done, has the power to enhance your business progress. From improving user experience to reducing your website's bounce rate, visuals are essential for your brand. A good color and design combination will help you stand out in the competition. People are moved by sight and will stay…

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Any business that doesn't invest properly in advertising risks losing tons of money and potential customers. While a good and quality product can distinguish you on the market; proper branding will give you the required recognition, and identity for your product and help tell your business story. But in all of this, great advertising is…

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Every business has competition but only the unique ones stand out. How will it feel to wallow in the pool of businesses and consistently fall back when you try to fight through the competition? Your business will not grow if nothing differentiates you from the crowd. This is where your brand identity comes in. Your…

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Sketch of Cyclope logo for brand identity


Logo Design Branding is key to the success of any company, business, or marketing. Do you want people to recognize your brand with something unique? The best means to achieve this is by having a distinct logo design. Your business logo impacts clients’ perception of your brand.  What is Logo? This question should elicit different…

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